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When L'Abri accepts a property, the first step is to inspect the site and review existing income and expense reports. In a planning meeting, the owners explain their investment objectives. Goals are set to reflect the owners' needs and the expertise of L'Abri Management, Inc. These goals are reviewed regularly.

Many clients find that freedom from day-to-day problems is the benefit they appreciate most. They know L'Abri will handle the leasing and property supervision as if it were their own building. L'Abri's full spectrum of property services includes:


  • The ability to create an environment reflecting care and pride in the property.
  • Expert recommendations on building appearance and image.
  • Continuous training and supervision of on-site managers.
  • Professional relations with residents and tenants to insure their performance of lease terms.
  • Physical inspections on a regular basis.


  • Regular surveys to insure rents are at market level and maximum income is achieved from parking, vending, etc.
  • Negotiation of rental agreements for the highest possible return.
  • Counseling in community relations and advertising.
  • TRW and UDA screening is available in our office upon request at no additional charge to the owner.


  • Negotiation and supervision of capital improvements and service contacts. (All at volume prices of a company managing 5,000 apartment units and office suites.) We never mark up services to our management accounts. Often property management companies take not only a percentage of income, but additional profits on any work done.
  • Technical expertise in construction, energy savings, security, landscaping, replacement life, etc.
  • Identification of deficiencies in operations and design.
  • Regular preventative maintenance and record keeping.
  • Monitoring of insurance policies and claims.


  • Monthly and year-to-date computerized accounting of all monies including rent, insurance, taxes, etc.
  • Computerized banking with individual interest bearing building accounts. Many management companies put all their clients' money together in a single account.
  • Cash flow management analysis for maximum yield liquidity.
  • Aggressive collection procedures.
  • Registration and payment for all taxes and licenses.


  • Our office phones are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that help can be obtained in the event of any after-hours emergency.
  • Help with special problems of tenant selection, rental rates, financial management, personnel, taxes, cost effectiveness of improvements, etc. aided by computer-based analytical problems and years of experience.
  • Real estate expertise in such areas as loan negotiation, preparation for sales, insurance and appraisals to simplify investment decisions.


Our professional property management is usually compensated by a percentage of gross revenue from each property. Owners often find that the increased net income resulting from professional management offsets all or most of the fee.

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