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"That L'Abri achieved such impressive results for us while maintaining high business ethics has been unique in my business experience. I could no recommend them more highly."

Clayton D. Mayes
Chief of Police, Retire
Downey, California

"It was their reputation for creative solutions that led us to L'Abri when crime and the economy placed our investments in danger. L'Abri rolled up their collective sleeves with great marketing and security concepts and supported us in dealing with the banks and the courts. Today the properties have turned around and the future looks bright."

Dan Wurtz
President, Sequoia Investments
General Partner

"When I was regional manager for a diversified real estate company, a principal and I purchased a turn-around apartment community. Past experience convinced us to use L'Abri instead of our large in-house property management firm. We were handsomely rewarded. We soon became a repeat customer, impressed with L'Abri planning, creativity, research and intense interest in the unique problems of our property and partnership."

Mark Van Ness
President, Sperry Van Ness

"Two-thirds of the brand-new office building where we were anchor tenants sat vacant for a year and a half. Once L'Abri was hired, the two floors were leased to several high quality tenants in a matter of months and remain so even today."

Richard Holmes
President, Downey National Bank
Office Tenant

"For over a generation, I have dealt with scores of property management and leasing companies. Not one of them compares with L'Abri for quality control, vendor relations, owner and investor satisfaction, and overall "commitment to excellence.""

Scott R. Bryan
Owner, Pacific Decorating Centers

"L'Abri did such a great job managing my apartment buildings, that I became an investor in L'Abri partnerships."

Sam Goldstein

"Of most importance to me as an owner was their attitude. L'Abri consistently made suggestions and practiced a style of management that always advanced the interests of the property and our tenants. If you have any questions with respect to L'Abri Management and their performance, feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience."

James L. Hardy
President, KH Realty 2, Inc.

"I have owned rental property since 1971; from single family houses to 100-unit complexes. I have managed tenants directly, worked through on-site managers, and engaged a number of different management companies.

The main reason I asked L'Abri to take over my 63-unit Downey building was because the couple managing it never could get the building filled. They told me my rents were too high, that the economic makeup of the area had gone down and that local people could no longer afford my rents. They complained they were not being paid enough money and that the assistant managers weren't doing their fair share of the work. As soon as L'Abri looked at my records they told me my rents were too low, my managers were overpaid and that assistant managers were unnecessary in my building. The first month L'Abri took charge they filled all the vacancies, sent me a check for three times my normal withdrawal and showed me how the managers had been stealing from me. The new managers said because of the large size of my units they actually are easy to rent!

L'Abri is the only management company I would recommend unconditionally. When I checked out L'Abri's references, one man simply said, "Ron Kolar has integrity you can take to the bank." Today, my building is completely full and my "take home" has doubled since L'Abri took over."

John Nisley
Owner, Kimberly Thor Apartments

"L'Abri Management, Inc. has managed my apartment buildings for more than 20 years. They have done an excellent job over an extended period of time.

When I first went to L'Abri, I had a significant number of vacancies in my buildings due to problems with my previous property manager. As an example, Carlton Park Apartments, which has 47 units, had 12 vacancies. After L'Abri took over, they almost immediately reduced the vacancies to less than 5%. They do a vastly superior job than did my previous management company.

Through the years they have done an outstanding job managing my properties. We appreciate their advice, marketing expertise, honesty, commitment to excellence, complete records, etc. When I have a special request, their staff always handles it quickly. They have also been very helpful when I have bought, sold or refinanced properties. I would gladly recommend L'Abri for your consideration as one of the top property management firms in Southern California."

Henry J. Miedema
Newport Beach, CA

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