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Not too many years ago, a L'Abri partnership managed half of a two-building complex in Orange County, California. As time passed, the L'Abri Building prospered while the twin languished. On several occasions, the owner of the twin was asked to consider L'Abri for management. Finally, his partners and his lenders forced him to select an independent management company. L'Abri was chosen and both buildings continued to improve. This story is repeated time and time again every year.

L'Abri attributes its success to very sound policies, extremely diligent operations, and hiring the very best people. Cleanliness and business ethics are paramount at L'Abri, while some competitors consider improving landscapes to be our corporate trademark.

Apartment Real Estate should be a most profitable and stable investment. However, the best investments can turn sour if their day-to-day operations are poorly managed. There is much more to effectively managing apartment property than simply collecting rents and writing checks.

Traveling through California, you may notice that L'Abri is one of the larger property management firms in many areas. It also is apparent that L'Abri buildings are among the best kept and most inviting. In checking the rents, you will find that L'Abri residents pay a premium for the privilege of excellent management.

While many new management companies have been formed in the last several years in an effort to generate income for troubled builders, developers, realtors, institutions and their former employees, L'Abri has effectively and quietly been apartment specialists since 1972. The systems, skills and people at L'Abri have produced some remarkable results, even in these tough economic times. While L'Abri has previously been fairly cautious about its own growth, the number of bad management companies now doing business in California has created opportunity. Our track record of positive results has been achieved through integrity, hard work, high expectation levels, and attention to details.

L'Abri makes available the following services to their clients:

  1. Effective marketing and leasing programs combined with stringent resident screening to provide a high caliber of residents.
  2. Separate, interest-bearing bank accounts (where the law allows); there is no commingling of your money with other funds in a single trust account.
  3. Efficient rent collection, expense disbursement, legal actions, and deposit into interest-bearing accounts.
  4. Professional recruiting, training, supervision, and support of qualified on-site management personnel.
  5. Controlled systems of preventive maintenance and bidding and purchasing of all necessary materials and services.
  6. Computerized monthly and year-end financial statements, income and expense registers, mortgage payments and budget analysis.
  7. Profit-oriented rent structures, energy savings and expense controls designed to produce the highest possible revenues.
  8. Retained Legal Counsel specializing in Employee Relations. There is no charge to the owner for this counsel and guidance.

L'Abri has been in business for more than a generation. We are not a real estate sales company managing income property as a secondary occupation or a way to obtain future listings. Property management is our business. We simply want to work with you in improving cash flow and the value of your property.
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