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Successfully managing a self-storage facility in the current economic environment is no easy task. Experience, integrity and creativity has proven the perfect formula for L'Abri and their Security Public Storage subsidiary. You can benefit from our proven track record to overcome the problems and watch your investment bear fruit.

L'Abri will design marketing strategies specifically to meet your needs, including referrals from our thousands of apartment units and office tenants. We offer expert advertising and promotion through an integrated plan including discounted yellow page advertising, direct mail, banners, referral cards, swap meets, and special user campaigns.

Your management will be improved by cost savings on insurance, maintenance and supplies. Occupancy will rise through strategic pricing and creative rate structuring. Efficiency will benefit from computerized reporting and data based marketing, established personnel guidelines and employer supervision as well as tight collection procedures. It won't be long before your bottom line is improved.

Annual budgeting and cash management are to be expected from any management team. L'Abri adds trend analysis to update you constantly on pricing, marketing strategies and advertising ideas. Our monthly reports include general ledger, profit and loss statements and rental activity summaries as well as delinquency and pre-paid reports.

Often even little things can make a difference. L'Abri vastly improved operations at one facility by creating and implementing a few simple suggestions including:

  • Lacing trees that block the sign from the North;
  • Placing a large sandwich sign perpendicular to the main street;
  • Using phone logs and guest cards to follow-up on all contacts;
  • Installing "call waiting" on the phones;
  • Using fresh scent plug-ins to get musty smell out of the office;
  • Enacting a referral program with all neighboring and L'Abri properties;
  • Installing a billboard on the freeway side (outdoor advertising companies will pay as much as $3,000 per month and cost of installation);
  • Selling moving supplies in the office;
  • Re-designing yellow page ads;
  • Training, Training, Training.

This is only a partial list, and every building is different. L'Abri pledges to apply all the experience and creativity necessary to have your self-storage facility realize its fullest possible potential.
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