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You have received a great deal of information which undoubtedly raises some questions. Feel free to contact us any time with inquiries about special circumstances surrounding your property.

L'Abri generally uses the attached Management Agreement. Though we have considered some modifications on occasion, it has proven to be an even-handed contract. We anticipate that all new clients will allow sufficient time for L'Abri methods to bear fruit. We have lost virtually no buildings for any reason related to L'Abri performance. Still, we realize that different people have different management philosophies; so we never insist on long-term contracts. We know our system works, and we simply choose not to work for anyone who is dissatisfied.

Commercial Leasing and Listings are generally consummated using forms prepared by the California Association of Realtors or the American Industrial Real Estate Association. L'Abri has developed its own standardized apartment lease.

The attached New Building Checklist outlines what is needed to put L'Abri to work for your investments. We look forward to meeting personally with you to discuss our copyrighted L'ABRI MANAGEMENT MANUAL, to tour some of our current properties, to talk about our innovative awards programs or simply to discuss the factors which make your property special.

If you have any questions please contact the L'Abri Real Estate Service office at (714) 826-9972 or (562) 420-1793. We have the answers!
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