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L'Abri's overriding goal is to improve long-term, bottom-line performance at your property. We believe that clear recordkeeping, aggressive marketing, and close attention to expenses is the only combination that unlocks the door to increased profits. Our reports will present a concise and understandable fiscal picture of your property.

On-site Reporting begins the process. L'Abri managers use a simple 3-tier bookkeeping system. On top is a carbon-backed receipt which is given to the resident or tenant. Next is a detailed ledger record of all resident payments which is retained at the property. In addition, important management information is recorded on top of the ledger, and a complete history of capital expenses in the unit is noted on the reverse. The ledger provides the owner or L'Abri staff member with an "instant history" of any resident's stay. Under the ledger card is a chronological report of all payments to your building, recorded on pressure sensitive "green sheets" (after their color).

The property supervisor and accounting department regularly check green sheets against a by-unit income roll called a summary sheet. Accounting further checks these figures against the bank deposits to monitor accuracy and honesty.

Reports to Owners are prepared after all on-site reports are reconciled with bank and vendor records. Monthly, each owner receives a simple but detailed breakdown of income and expenses. If a budget is prepared, L'Abri will generate a report of income and expenditures against budget. L'Abri also provides a detailed check register of each expense item. Other financial back-up information is provided on an at-cost basis.

To select clients, we can set up the latest, most advanced on-site computer system, namely, AMSI-PowerSite. Within PowerSite, single keystrokes take you from entering payments to processing applications and move-ins. On-line help screens and user prompts at each field make PowerSite easy to learn and use. Built-in controls such as Policy Maker allows us to define property policies and procedures, which means we can delegate responsibility at your site without relinquishing control at the corporate level.

PowerSite provides on-site managers with powerful tools to effectively perform their daily activities. PowerSite's comprehensive beginning and end of day reports simplify routine tasks, promoting efficiency and productivity at your property. Integrated Traffic, Marketing and Demographics systems accurately tracks, reports and targets potential residents as well as leasing agent performance, enabling us to make better informed marketing and management decisions. And PowerSite's automated accounting control capabilities enable you to maintain maximum control over all your financial activities.

Marketing and Expense Control are closely monitored on an internal basis using scores of specialized forms and time-tested methods. The competition is thoroughly shopped. Every possible marketing method is completely researched. Careful records are kept of every incidence of telephone or on-site traffic. Potential lessees are tightly screened, and leases are negotiated on the best possible terms. Equally important, current residents and tenants are frequently surveyed to sample "customer satisfaction" and reduce expensive turnover.

L'Abri negotiates service and capital contracts with all the leverage gained by a savvy owner of thousands of units. We also provide technical experience on construction, energy savings, security, landscaping, insurance and finance. Preventive maintenance, computerized banking, aggressive collections and 24-hour emergency response are additional keys to our success. We retain three law firms to assure immediate notification of any regulation affecting our clients and efficient enforcement of laws which might advance your interest.
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